.: About Us

We are a laboratory of analysis of chemical contaminants residues, especially pesticide residues in several types of samples, such as:

         Food – in natura food containing vegetable or animal sources, organic and processed products;

         Environmental – surface water, groundwater, liquid effluents, soil and solid residues;


With knowledge and experience of our founders, researchers from the university of são paulo – esalq/usp, we hold on studies in different stages in agricultural and veterinary products development as of "glp" (good laboratory practice) - "inmetro recognition glp nr. 023".


 These studies include:

         Vet products – determination of residues of drugs on veterinary products aiming to determining the waiting and effective period in accordance with mapa (ministry of agriculture and livestock) normatic instruction # 26.


Agricultural products – residues of pesticide studies, important for the enterprises in the pesticides industrial sector specialized in plant protection products in need to register at the federal government.


Carefully to new market requirements, we develop new methodologies of analyses using high-tech analytical instruments with efficient sample extraction techniques and innovative way to serve the needs of our clients in special projects as:

     - validation of analytical method

     - development of analytical methods to:

  • regulatory customer demands
  • methods of corporate analyses
  • Monitoring of new products under development or already developed