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.: Veterinary

We conduct development of analytical methodologies, validation of methods and studies of residues and efficacy of veterinary medicinal products for Animal Nutrition and Health companies.

Methods are developed following Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) procedures.

Our validations are in accordance with VICH (International Cooperation on Harmonization of Technical Requirements for Registration of Veterinary Medicinal Products), Resolution 899 (Guide for Validation of Analytical and Bioanalytical Methods) of ANVISA and Ordinance 577 (Procedures Validation Guide for Analytical and Quality Control of Veterinary Medicinal Products) of MAPA.

We conduct studies of residues of veterinary drugs aiming to determining the acting and efficacy periods in accordance with Normative Instruction Nr. 26 of MAPA and the "GLP" principles.


Products for study purposes:

  • Antiparasitic;
  • Antibiotics;
  • Anti-inflammatory;
  • Insecticides;
  • Pyrethroids;
  • Among others.


Animal species:

  • Cattle,
  • Pigs,
  • Birds.


Types of samples:

  • Animal tissues (kidney, liver, muscle, skin/fat) and intestine;
  • Milk;
  • Plasma.


Some study compounds performed by Agrosafety:

  • Bacitracin;
  • Bromhexine;
  • Cypermethrin;
  • Chlortetracycline;
  • Colistin;
  • Fenitrothion;
  • Lincomycin;
  • Neomycin;
  • Nicarbazin;
  • Spectinomycin;
  • Sulfamethazine;
  • Tylosin;
  • Tricosene;
  • Trimethoprim;
  • Among others.